Bad habits will ruin the quality of your life if you let them. Bad habits can keep you in poverty, bad habits can make a rich/wealthy person poor! Bad habits can take you from upper class to lower class real fast if you let them. Bad habits are bad for upward mobility!

Long term bad habits are the worst because they take a toll on your overall well being. Bad habits scream to the world that you’re undisciplined. Bad habits are for people that don’t care about themselves or their family!

Bosses don’t promote employees that go out for cigarette breaks every 15-90 minutes. Nobody wants to seriously work with an alcoholic/pill head. Businesses don’t like to employ Heroin addicts!

Bad habits will cause people to disrespect you.. People don’t respect crackheads and junkies. Sex/Women/Men can be bad habits too. Some men/women look at everyone they encounter as a sexual object in their own personal porn that runs nonstop in their head and that is a serious bad habit! Masturbation/Porn is a bad habit, why masturbate when you can find a companion. Disrespecting money by treating it carelessly is a bad habit that should be avoided.

Daily bad habits like Cigarettes, alcohol, over eating, fast food, junk food, lottery tickets, gambling, not exercising, over priced coffee/tea/drinks will destroy you physically and financially!

Focus on good habits while eliminating the bad habits! The first step to getting rich physically and financially is destroying your bad habits.