Getting money will always be more important than getting likes/attention. People become rappers, actors/actresses, entertainers, athletes, college students, models, social media stars, internet celebrities because they think it’ll make them rich and successful but they’re dead wrong. If people wanna be rich they should focus on building (stocks, real estate, passive businesses, etc) a diversified wealth portfolio! Yeah, most people will claim they love what they do but they do it to become rich or to get attention. People be doing too much for likes, millions of people whor*ng themselves out to get digital likes on social media. Everybody getting likes but no one is getting love!

Some people live their whole life walking around on ice trying to get everyone to like them! You cannot make people that don’t like you like you. People will dislike you especially if you are doing everything right while looking right! People don’t like to see people doing better than them. I stopped doing anything that would make a person like me, I’m not good at getting people to like me, I can be me, either you like me or you don’t I don’t care ??‍♂️. The only person you gotta get to like you is your significant other and the only way to get your significant other to like you is by being you, if that ain’t good enough … F*ck em! Rinse and repeat until you find what you’re looking for.

People out here acting like social media likes are money! You cannot eat social media likes, you cannot deposit social media likes, you cannot force someone to be with you because you get social media likes. Go to the bank and attempt to deposit social media likes and they will put you in the crazy house. Go attempt to secure some capital to start a business or a brand with likes and you will be declined and declared crazy! Some people let likes control how they feel about themselves or whatever object they post, so in reality most people don’t control how they feel, the social media companies control how they feel about themselves while in actuality they shouldn’t be feeling anything at all, if something controls how you feel then you have no self control over yourself or anything else in your life.