When you respect money it respects you in return! Respecting money comes first, everything else is second. Not only money but everything deserves respect except people that don’t respect themselves. If you disrespect yourself you don’t deserve respect! If you disrespect money you are disrespecting yourself.

How can you expect to be rich/wealthy or able to provide for your family if you go places throwing money on the floor, going to the strip club throwing money of the dirty a*s ground, then walking on the money, then dancing on money! The strippers and club owners respect the money that people throw on the ground, the strippers/workers/owners pick the money up off the ground, dust the money off, count the money and deposit the money in a business checking account in order to pay their workers/taxes/bills/tuitions and put food on the table for their family!

The smart strippers respect money and use it to better their future by going to college, starting businesses and providing for their families. But it’s all about making it rain to some people! lol Keep it up you’ll be broke soon, you’ll never catch Warren Buffet, Oprah Winfrey, Elon Musk or Aliko Dangote in a building or outside throwing money on the ground! I hardly ever see Strippers or club owners throwing money on the ground, I always see them picking the money up.

When you respect money and what it can do for you, you don’t go around wasting it on frivolous liabilities! Money sustains life, so if you’re careless with money you’re careless with life. Spending money on bad habits is disrespect and it’ll keep you from living a full life, it will keep/put you in poverty, it will keep you from reaching your dreams and it’ll keep you from getting rich. One is not a success unless he/she has money! Saying bad things about money is very disrespectful and that alone will keep you poor and far from rich or attaining your dreams. People that go around saying dumb things like “Money isn’t everything, Money is evil, Money is not important, I don’t care about money, I don’t love money” are the worse kind of people to have in your life and they are the most ungrateful people on Earth, you can buy them a gift or give them money or feed them with your money and they will take it for granted and sooner than later they will start to disrespect you!

When you respect money you treat it as seeds to plant and grow more money (Buy “earning assets” like stocks, real estate, passive businesses, art, investments that bear annual royalties like music or books, gold/silver bars, etc) so you don’t have to physically work for money your whole life but if you eat your seeds you’ll get nothing in return but a vicious cycle of working hard and living from paycheck to paycheck forever! A body can only do so much work before you destroy it due to long term manual labor. People that don’t respect money don’t respect themselves or their families well being. Kids going to the state cause the parents have bad habits and most of the men don’t wanna man up and pay for their kids … Some guys won’t work to avoid child support and truth be told it all comes from disrespecting money or having negative thoughts about money! Men are by nature the providers for their family but a lot of men will not go outside and hunt for money cause they disrespect money, time is money so if you sit around wasting time playing games and being concerned with frivolous matters you don’t deserve to have money. Money should be kept very neatly in a clean dry place, Always keep count of how much money you have and never disrespect it by shoving it in your pocket, wallet, purse, car, compartment, bag in a disrespectful unorganized type of way!

Life is about having things and money provides the things you want to have. Things like food, clothing, shelter and luxuries etc. Having money makes you a real man/woman/parent! I see people showing off on camera disrespecting money, throwing it, burning small pieces of it, stepping on it, dancing on it, acting careless with it but when the camera goes off all of the fake sh*t ends. Sh*t gets real, they start picking the money back up, asking people that were on camera where are the missing bills cause we started with 20K flash cash now we have 17.4K. All of that comes from disrespecting money and when you disrespect money you disrespect yourself and your family!

You must respect everything (except people that don’t respect themselves) of importance to you or you will not have it long or the overall quality of the person/possession will decline overtime until it becomes useless/worthless. If you don’t respect money you will not have money and that goes for everything in life!