I am elated I’m not the person I used to be. I used to be a brainwashed individual that assumed life was fair. Life is not fair and that’s something I had to overcome. I used to think if I got a lot of YouTube views I would get a record deal out of nowhere but I was wrong. I thought if you made excellent music people would support it and most people did the exact opposite …

People and companies started hating on my music campaign. When I started getting thousands of views on YouTube people false flagged my videos and YouTube shutdown my campaign because I was getting popular. Why does YouTube manipulate the view count to make unpopular people seem popular and to make popular people seem unpopular?

Google/YouTube said my video violated terms by showing graphic scenes but other artist that YouTube promotes via sidebar/autoplay/on top of videos/Music Mixes get to post music videos with sex, guns, cursing and violence but my music videos get flagged and disturbed for showing a fraction of what mainstream/up and coming Semi famous underground artists show. Google/YouTube must really hate me to go above and beyond to sensor/hide/hate on my music or maybe it’s something I did in the future.. I don’t know why Google/YouTube would hate on my brand/music career. I got people with no life hating on my music … Leaving hate in my comment section or in my Twitter mentions.

All of the hate I received from Google/YouTube/Haters/Twitter did not stop me from getting rich! It motivated me to create my own media outlets!

I’m glad it happened because if it didn’t I’d still be a brainwashed individual aimlessly uploading music videos to YouTube in hopes of getting a record deal! I still want a record deal, I have nothing against major record labels.. I don’t get caught up in YouTube views because I know Google/YouTube manipulates the views in order to control the population of the world and in order to control who’s popular or not or in order to control people or control what people do or what people perceive as being cool or in order to make certain individuals rich but that is too much power to be in the hands of an evil corporation like Google.

Because of this I am bearish on $GOOG and $GOOGL! Google is nothing but a glorified out of date search engine that doesn’t know what to do with their time or money not to mention their stock is slow and a waste of time. I would not invest in $GOOG/$GOOGL, I would invest in $PCLN, $TSLA and $AMZN because they’re wonderful companies.

99% of everything in this world is rigged and unfair.. The odds favor the first people that acquired wealth. I strongly dislike when wealthy people get wealthy and prevent or sabotage the up and coming rich people, it’s like they got wealthy and now they wanna stop or unconsciously prevent the next person from getting rich. Google is a prime example of this! I got tired of Google/YouTube rigging my views and hiding my videos from fans or potential fans so I built my own media outlets and this is one of them, Now I am in control of what my fans/potential fans see.

I refuse to make Google/YouTube or any other social media site rich with my traffic! Only a fool would let Google/YouTube get rich off their music video traffic and get pennies or nothing at all for your creativity, skills or artistic abilities. Google, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat don’t pay me or give me a fair opportunity to put eyeballs on my projects so why would I want to make them billions.. You don’t have to click an ad! These social media sites get paid for you being an active/inactive user. I’m too smart to tell my fans to go to YouTube and watch my new music video, I refuse to do that because I don’t own Google/YouTube and they don’t pay me.

A lot of people think AdSense pays well and they don’t, AdSense pay slave wages and most people will never make it past the $100 dollar withdrawal minimum so if they never make a $100 in ad revenue they’ll never get paid. That is a scam …

People these days be in social networks like they’re getting paid to be there! Parents ignoring kids, kids ignoring parents, husbands ignoring wives, wives ignoring husbands, boyfriends ignoring girlfriends, girlfriends ignoring boyfriends, students ignoring teachers, teachers ignoring students and family ignoring family to be active on social media while truth be told Social media don’t care about you or your family! All these companies care about are profits and ostracizing you and your talents in order to give mainstream artists/actors the spotlight.

I have nothing against mainstream artists because I’d like to reach those heights one day but when I do I don’t mind giving the next person a fair chance to succeed. Another reason I dislike YouTube is you cannot control what videos show up next to your music videos! When I had YouTube momentum YouTube would put random artists or strange videos next to my videos but my videos wouldn’t be next to let’s say Justin Bieber’s videos for example but YouTube is quick to put Justin Bieber videos on the side of my music videos and on the screen after my music video completes!

Bottom line is, if social media doesn’t benefit you, your lifestyle, put food on your table or improve your family’s situation it should be avoided!

Also do not judge artists/creators/video makers by the number of YouTube views they have because YouTube is rigging the system, do not let Google/Youtube control what you like/love or consume … And don’t forget to download an Adblock for YouTube.. I haven’t seen an ad in years. lol! It took a year plus and thousands of dollars to build this website. It is very important to me. Welcome to Vintage Summer! The hottest magazine on the internet!